About Us
As the former Director of the National Letter of Intent and Assistant Commissioner of the Southeastern Conference, I understand the challenges facing the processing of NLIs and Scholarship Letters. Esigningday is a chance for the process to catch up with technology and make the processing of these letters simple, easy, and secure. We have eliminated the need for multiple copies to sign, express mail, file, and fax.

Over 100 years ago, people were using Morse code and the telegraph to electronically accept contracts. An early validation of electronic signatures came from the New Hampshire Supreme Court in 1869 [Howley v. Whipple, 48 N.H. 487]. Although, agreements have been electronically “inked” as far back as the telegraph, the modern era of inking was ushered in when Bill Clinton signed the Federal E-SIGN Act into law on October 1, 2000. The E-SIGN Act makes online electronic signatures equivalent to a written signature. Similar laws have been passed in every state, as well as in the European Union.

The Esigningday process is as simple as signing, sending, and receiving the finalized document with the required signature. In addition, as an institution you can store and categorize NLIs and Scholarship Letters by coach and sport. You can quickly and easily search documents with a click of a mouse. Last, it provides you the institution with control of how each document is processed and saving you time and money.
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