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Three Easy Steps to electronic NLI and Scholarship Letter signing
1. Email compliance prospective student-athlete request form. 
2. Sign all necessary signatures to the documents electronically then send them to prospective student-     
    athletes via email.
3. Receive a copy of the finalized document electronically.

Yes, it is that simple.”

Benefits Save Money and Time.
  Electronic signing can result in an annual savings of approximately $25,000 - $30,000 in express mail, copies, and personnel time. As a result the processing time and budget could be cut by 80%.
Benefits Security And Validity.
  According to the federal E-SIGN Act of 2000 electronic signatures are equivalent to a written signature. The documents are password protected.
Benefits Real-Time Data.
  Coaches and Athletic Administrators will no longer have to wait for a fax or for the express mail to arrive. Instant details regarding the acceptance of prospective student-athletes will be available to institution administrators as well as coaches.
Benefits Full Signee Account Summary.
  Institution’s Athletic Administrators are provided with a complete data summary of prospective student-athletes offers as well as acceptance. Administrators are also able to itemize data by sport teams.
Benefits Paperless Signing Process.
  Go green! There is no longer a need to make multiple copies to be sent to various parties. Decrease your carbon footprint by no longer using express mail.
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